“The Community Foundation of Northwest Florida identified high-performing grantees working in the key service areas identified in our funding guidelines, and we are pleased with how well your selections met our requirements.”

Amy Holmes, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

“Our Community Foundation has been a well-kept secret for too long, and we are working to educate people along the Gulf Coast of the value of this institution.”

J. Mort O'Sullivan

“Since its formation we have seen the Community Foundation grow and provide grants to many areas of need. We have continued to provide funding to support its activities.”

John David Finlay, Jr.

“More than 15 years ago several members of our community began to discuss the need for a community foundation to serve our area. After seeing the success of similar foundations in other communities, we felt that Northwest Florida needed the services of such a foundation.”

John S. Carr

“Our Community Foundation played a vital role in helping people impacted by the BP oil spill. Without our foundation, many families would not have received the help they needed.”

Mike Wiggins