The Community Foundation assists non-profit organizations in establishing endowment funds and investing endowment assets so that they can better meet current challenges and provide long-term stability for the future of the organization. An agency endowment, which grows through gifts from generous donors and investment income, is a permanent pool of charitable dollars whose earnings benefit a specific organization.


  • Endowments funds are commingled, but accounted for separately, with other funds in a professionally managed, diversified investment portfolio.
  • Investment management costs are lower due to economies of scale.
  • The Community Foundation of Northwest Florida (CFNWF) acknowledges any future gifts to the endowment fund.
  • Donors have confidence in adding to the endowment, knowing that the endowment will be preserved and used only for its defined purpose.
  • The CFNWF has a board approved investment policy and spending policy associated with all endowment funds.
  • The CFNWF is responsible for all government reporting requirements.
  • The endowment is preserved even if the organization ceases to exist. It is simply redirected to a like cause/organization.
  • The non-profit organization works to fulfill its mission, and the CFNWF manages the endowment.